Creating-Strength Launches!

Welcome to the CREATING-STRENGTH blog!

This site is a place for opinions and observations on all things related to STRENGTH.

By that word, strength, I don’t mean just the physical ability to move or support some heavy object in space and over time, though I do mean to include that kind of strength. I am also talking more broadly about all forms of strength: mental, physical, ethical, emotional, artistic, perhaps even spiritual.

I see all of these forms of strength as related in the whole person. And, in talking about all kinds of strength, on this blog we will be able to talk about just about anything.

Who am I? By training, I’m a philosopher. I have spent many years in academic philosophy, several as a student and many more as a university professor. But beyond having studied, taught, and earned a living at it, I tend to think like a philosopher. That means I prefer to think deeply and critically and at length about important things.

I think that anyone can benefit from some regular philosophical reflection. I think it can make you a better person: mentally, physically, ethically, and even spiritually.

Philosophy can make you a stronger person!

Besides philosophical navigation, I am also into strength and fitness training, a journey I started on seriously at age 50. Since folks in the strength and fitness world often post images of themselves – to inspire others, to give themselves credibility, perhaps to show their progress – here is an image of me.

Webcam image taken in my basement home gym. I am 55 years old here, strength and fitness training for 5 years.

I see this blog itself as an act of creating strength. I hope you will join me on this voyage and add your own observations and opinions as well. My wish is that, by sharing some of what I have learned, and by continuing to learn more, we will become stronger together.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future content, or any other feedback, please leave comments below. Keep creating strength.

Cheers! – Steve Brown

2 thoughts on “Creating-Strength Launches!

  1. I very much agree that strength is more than just what a person can physically day. I’m glad I found your blog and look forward to following the progress of your journey. Peace.

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