What I Am Doing …

For those who are interested:

Many of my postings here I am also importing to The Innovation over at Medium. I am also importing some of my content from my other blog, Steve Brown Writing. And there is stuff that I am posting only on Medium. See my Medium page if you are interested in those scribbles.

I am finding Medium to be an interesting experience, at least as a way to gain a little more exposure for the content I am producing – that is, the strength I am creating, to keep in line with the theme of this blog.

I am also revising a novel I wrote over twenty years ago when I lived in Austin. I wrote about 5 or 6 novels when I lived there. I still have 4 of them in paper copies. I am planning to self-publish over at KDP someday. I will probably blog about the experience, to document things but mainly as a way to share my struggles, mistakes, and (possible) successes with others.

But the semester starts up soon, and I will be busier with my “day job” – for as long as that lasts, until the next chapter (he said ominously).


Lately I have been using free-usage images from Unsplash. The one on this posting is by Jelmer Assink.

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