Working Out: Body, Mind, Spirit

I have had this blog up for about seven or eight weeks now. During that time, a lot of thought has run through my mind as to the purpose of it.

At first, I thought I would be publishing every single thing I wrote right here on this blog. I quickly realized that was not such a good idea, because right now I am writing about all kinds of stuff. A blog like this needs something of a theme, I told myself, and the theme of this one is creating strength.

Of course, the way I see it, anything a person does could be seen as some expression of strength — for good or bad — and so every human action is somehow related to creating strength. Nevertheless, I decided to split my blogs in two.

On my other blog, Steve Brown Writing, I thought I would publish all the stuff that wasn’t directly related somehow to … well … creating strength.

Enter Medium

But then … in my researches on blogs and blogging I was turned on to Medium and soon realized what a cool venue that was. I have gotten far more visibility posting my writing there — mostly through established and up-and-coming Medium publications — than I would ever get for my two blogs.

But most Medium publications want stuff that is not published anywhere else, even your personal blog, so I started publishing stuff exclusively on there.

I did create a page on both my blogs where I “friend link” to my Medium stories called My Medium Articles, which I have pinned to the top of each one. I try to update that page regularly. The “friend link” allows people who aren’t subscribers to Medium who have exceeded their free articles for the month to still read my stuff, if they want to.

“Show Me the Money!” — Or Not

One cool thing about Medium is that it’s a place to publish and read articles (good, bad, and mediocre ones), but it’s also a social media site, which allows writers to create and participate in communities.

It is also a place where a lot of writers are trying to make money, either directly through Medium or by promoting their “brand.” I admit, I am trying to get more attention to my writing. I figure, why be a writer if you don’t at least try to get other people’s eyes on it? But as for making money, I am not going to quit my day job — even if my day job might be quitting me (he said cryptically).

Publishing on Medium has driven me to write on some topics I would not have otherwise. For example, I published a piece specifically about Medium, and probably will again. I have also published a few real short pieces about motivation.

Recently, I published a piece on Zen that a few people seemed to like: Sitting Buddha and Doing Buddha. My favorite is still a short story, though, based on true events, called The Crow.

Other Projects, Other Lives

I have also been revising a novel I wrote in the mid-1990s. That has been an experience. I will probably self-publish through KDP once I am done with revisions. I am also thinking of developing various materials I have written over the years for classes I’ve taught into publishable work. So many ideas — so little time!

Over the summer, before classes started up again, I took three free courses in SEO (search engine optimization) and one in HTML. The SEO course especially has deepened my thinking about writing, publishing, and marketing.

That said, I am involved in my job as “Professor of Philosophy in the Time of Covid-19.” All of my courses this semester are online. My daughter is also doing the beginning of her high school career from a remote location — our house, that is. My wife is working from home every other week.

More Stories to Tell

Since I started writing in earnest again, after many years hiatus, I realize I have a lot of stories to tell. I may not get to tell them all, but I am going to try.

Blast from the past department. Here’s a video of me from about thirteen years ago playing the guitar, under my Elray alias. I don’t remember how to play this one either.

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