Where Have I Been? Where Am I Going?

I have been neglecting this blog. I have been focusing my efforts publishing on Medium, since there I get more people reading (or at least clicking on) my writings.

This was not my original plan, but you know what they say about “the best laid plans of mice and men.” Of course, my plan was not the “best laid” of plans. But, anyway, plans change, people change, and people change their plans. The plan might then change the person.

It is now perhaps a commonplace that our failures define us more than our successes do. I am not sure that is true. It is probably just something we tell ourselves when we have failed to make us get up and try again rather than dwelling on the bad.

Not that this blog is a failure, it’s just that my time and energy are going elsewhere. I wonder: where do blogs go when they die? Is there a blog heaven? A blog hell?

Other Places

If you are interested in my other stories, “friend links” are here: My Medium Articles. You don’t have to have a Medium subscription to look at these.

I have no idea what the future of this blog holds. It started with a dream and ends with a nap, I guess. My other blog, Steve Brown Writing, I will continue to update.

I will continue creating strength, of all kinds, and hope that you do as well.

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